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Caravan Modifications

Fridge Shade

Added 4 metre sail track on opposite side of van to shade fridge when travelling in hot climate. Was a little nervous screwing into van, but all went fine. Screwed it to the side with galvanised self tappers. Sealed with Sikaflex Pro. Privacy screen is 2.2m wide by 2m tall. $79 from Pilgrams Caravans Sail track also from pilgrims $26. Very happy with overall result.


12 Volt Fan

Cafrano Sirocco II 12 volt fan. A very quiet and extremely efficient fan (uses 3.5 amps on high). It has a timer and folds back against the wall. It can be directed to the lounge or the bedroom. Paid $190 plus installation. Purchased from Pilgrims Caravans


12 Volt Water Pump

12 volt water pump. This is attached below the sink and is connected to the hand- pump. You need to prime it first with the hand-pump before it pumps through. Have a small switch installed close by on a panel in the kitchen. It works very well as long as the hand-pump is functional. Cost around $100 plus fitting. Brand of pump is the Whale.


Touch Down-Light

Perfect solution for a dark corner in the kitchen area. Just touch the edge of light to turn on or off. $34.95 from Jaycar.


Battery and Water Moniter

Fitted a Victron BMV-700 Battery Moniter. Paid $205 plus fitting from Great to moniter battery charge. Shows voltage, charging and discharging, percentage left. Also fitted RV Electronics Water Gauge for 2 water tanks with 5 metre sensor. Paid $75 from Camec, plus fitting.